Handcare for men

Presentable hands are well-cared hands.

A man with beautiful nails signals confidence and strength.

Our hands are constantly exposed and age faster than the rest of the body. Therefore you should care and look after your nails to avoid that they become dry and delicate.

When you arrive in the clinic, you may sit back in your chair for 45 minutes of pure relaxation. This luxurious manicure treatment begins with a warm soothing bath, for your hands, with Moisturising Bath Oil.

Soaking transforms the skin by adding a few drops of this rich, nourishing combination of essential oils in the water. The plant-based oils will soak your skin and make it silky soft.

We exfoliate your hands with an exfoliation based on Salt Crystals, which is extremely rich in natural minerals and is subsequently fed plant-based soothing aromatic oils. Mineral crystals will leave dry and dull skin supple, toned and silky. It also increases blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the body’s natural detoxification processes. The nails are now physically ready for processing, these are now polished and shaped, cuticles are removed carefully.

Then special oil is massaged gently into the nail plate, this oil is based on kiwi extract and vitamin E. This is designed to penetrate and protect the skin around the nail and the nail plate. Leaves the nail stronger and more flexible.

Manicure treatment ends with a relaxing hand / forearm massage, this is performed with a delicious Wild Honey Blend that makes the dry skin disappear by 9 natural plant oils. The plant oils will bind the moisture in the skin and leaving it softened and well manicured.

The treatment lasts approx. 45 minutes. Check prices