Intimate Wax


Brazilian wax treatments

For you who are considering getting into an intimate Brazilian wax, but is a little unsure of how and where here is some information.

In recent years, special wax types/treatment techniques gained popularity through famous people and especially the media – this despite the fact that the idea is certainly not new.

In many cultures, it is a tradition to remove all the hair on the body except the head. In Roman times women used tweezers to remove hair on the body – with a little imagination everybody can imagine how much time has passed with it.

The idea about Brazilian waxing began in Brazil, where the girls love small bikinis and simultaneously prefer the “hairless” look. Later variants of this treatment have emerged. (California & Hollywood). It attracted much attention in New York when the famous “J – Sisters” started the method of waxing celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Below is information about our treatments if you have any questions please call or write to us. We are only performing intimate waxing treatments on women.

What is Brazilian waxing?

Brazilian means the removal of a portion of the pubic hair with wax which includes pudenti labia (labia) and the area extending to the buttocks, which leaves a small strip or triangle of hair in front. Also known as “Playboy”. 

What is California waxing?

California means the removal of part of the pubic hair with wax which is a very high bikini wax treatment, creating a narrow line of pubic hair, centrally in a vertical stripe, particularly suitable when wearing narrow bikinis with thin straps. Also known as “Mohican”

What is Hollywood waxing?

As the recent years has shown, there is more emphasis on hygiene and personal grooming, the popularity around intimate wax has soared. Many today enjoy the delicious, smooth, clean feeling of being completely bare.

Hollywood means the total removal of pubic hair with wax. Also known as “Sphinx”

What does it take to make a good intimate waxing?

How do you know that you have gone to the real deal?

The intimate treatment and especially the professional competence required, dictates that the therapist is 100% competent to perform intimate waxing treatments, ie several years experience is required.


The therapist should have experience with both “Hot” (Hard) and hot wax. “Hot” wax is the preferred choice for sensitive areas because it takes a good hold and thus is particularly suited to remove hair with deep roots. Also be liable only on the hair and causes therefore little or no discomfort to the skin.

We only use Lycon Wax. It has also the advantage that the wax can be applied at lower temperature and has a good adhesion even on very short hair. As short as 1mm.

With Beauty Base, you are guaranteed competence and discretion.