Mama Care

A sensuous and attentive 90-minute pregnancy / after birth care, where body and mind is stimulated.

The Treatment is tailored for pregnant women to identify and meet the special needs of the body during pregnancy. We work with reflexology and wonderful massage techniques, that result in total relaxation of the body. Massage is in no way a danger to your unborn baby and we have specialized equipment, so you can lie comfortably on your stomach and receive treatment – even at the end of your pregnancy. 

Gentle and mild strokes, triggers the love hormone, Oxytocin, which strengthens the bond between mother and child and increases the ability to provide care and presence.

Essential oils are the spirits of plants, and as such they feed our souls. Pure and natural plant extracts have a strong impact on our emotional well-being. Organic oils and creams, from SAMA are completely free of harmful chemicals – these products will gently but effectively increase skin suppleness, softness and firmness.

The senses are pampered with gentle fragrance notes from white jasmine, roses and orange flower.

The treatment lasts approx. 90 minutes. 

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Please note. Treatment may only be performed after 12 weeks pregnancy.

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