Manicure & Pedicure

Luxury Manicure
450 kr.*
Beautiful nails signals confidence and strength. Our hands are constantly exposed and age faster than the rest of the body. Therefore you should care and look after your nails to avoid that they become dry and delicate.
It is said that, a woman’s real age is revealed by her hands!
Mini Manicure
325 kr.
Presentable hands done quickly. You might want to have a luxury manicure, but just don’t have the time. Perfect for lunch break.
Luxury Pedicure
525 kr.*
Give your feet a well-deserved luxury treatment. Often, we have tired and too stressed out feet. A manicured foot feels as relaxation for the body.
Extra charge for coloured nail polish or French polish 95, – / 125, – kr.
Extra charge for nail polish removal 45,- kr.
* Extra charge Shellac Basic color 195,- kr.
* Extra charge Shellac French 225,- kr.

Choose treatment as a single treatment or as a supplement to your manicure or pedicure treatment.

Since launch, Shellac has grown from ‘cult status’ to ‘modern must-have’.


Shellac Basic Color including mini manicure
480 kr.
Shellac “French” including mini manicure
495 kr.
Remowal of Shellac / Brisa Lite
195 kr.
Remowal – in connection with new Shellac / Brisa Lite
110 kr.
Remowal of Polish
45 kr.
Brisa Lite reinforcement including mini manicure
480 kr.
Brisa Lite reinforcement in connection with Shellac
185 kr.
luksus manicure