pHformula treatments

pHformula is the first pharma-cosmeceutical product line, which is the result of an innovative alliance between cosmeceutical and medical prescriptions.

The pHformula product line is based on technology from the regenerative medicine to create the concept of controlled chemical skin resurfacing. Controlled chemical skin resurfacing differs totally from conventional peeling. Peeling causes exfoliations mainly in the skin, while pHformulas controlled resurfacing actively induces an accelerated form of cell renewal in skin layers, while wounds and superficial irritation is limited.

pHformula is developed as a dermatological skin resurfacing system, and thus effectively treat aging, hyper pigmentation, acne and chronic redness. With continued scientific based research, the focus is always on developing innovative skin resurfacing treatments.

Facial treatments with pHformula

S.P. Advanced Skin analysis / 45 min.
365 kr.
S.P. Advanced Skin analysis is pHformulas Consultation treatment. If you decide a course of treatment (6 treatments incl. Products) then the Consultation treatment is free of charge.
A.C.N.E. Resurfacing treatment / 45 min.
595 kr.
This special pHformula skin resurfacing treatment is, a course of treatments over weeks, tailored for the treatment of acne (mild to severe). In this treatment, we work with 4 grades of acne, which may include inter alia, excess sebum, enlarged pores, seborrheic dermatitis and scarring. Special Mask included.

Grad 1: Open and closed comedones,

Grad 2: Open and closed comedones, early pustules and papules, slight inflammation.

Grad 3: Inflammed acne papules and pustules, some nodules.

Grad 4: Nodulocystic or cystic acne, severe inflammation, nodules.

A.G.E. Resurfacing treatment / 45 min.
595 kr.
This pHformula skin resurfacing treatment is, a course of treatments over weeks, thus a special Anti-aging (aging) treatment to improve skin texture, fine lines, and repair skin exposed to sun damage. In this treatment, we are working with, photo aging (sun damage), pigment changes Lentigines, Telangiectasia, Dull sallow appearance, Keratosis, Unhealthy state of the stratum corneum, Wrinkles superficial and medium expression lines. Special Mask included.

C.R. Redness Resurfacing treatment / 30 min.
595 kr.
This special pHformula skin resurfacing treatment is, a course of treatments over weeks, for treating Rosacea (chronic redness) and soothes red, sensitive and atopic skin. Especially for the treatment of Erythematotelangiectatic type rosacea (ETR) This is the most common form of rosacea, persistent redness on the nose, cheeks or chin. Easily irritated skin that often stings or burns. ETR has often small, visible blood vessels (telangiectasias). Special Mask included.

M.E.L.A. Resurfacing treatment / 45 min.
595 kr.
This special pHformula skin resurfacing treatment, a course of treatments, is tailored for treating pigmentation. pHformula resurfacing treatment works with Hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays (including melasma, chloasma), superficial melanin disorder (epidermal), Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Lens stains, created by the sun, in the form of small brown spots (Lentigines) and Freckles. Special Mask included.

U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. Skin Resurfacing treatment / 60 min. 

620 kr. 
A skin Resurfacing Radiance System that is specifically designed to boost your glow and energy in the face. This is also a deep-cleansing treatment. We use of a unique product containing vitamin C-acid and anti-oxidants. The treatment ends with a scientifically developed PEPTIDE powder mask that gives an immediate firmer skin with a healthier appearance. In addition, a noticeable improvement in the dynamic expression lines around eyes, forehead lines and lines around the mouth.
V.I.T.A.C. Resurfacing treatment / 45 min.
595 kr.
A skin Resurfacing Radiance System that is specifically designed to boost your glow and energy in the face. Treatment is done with the unique pHformula product line, containing vitamin C acid and antioxidants. 
M.E.S.O. Resurfacing treatment / 60 min.  
730 kr.
All of 11 powerful ingredients are uniquely combined to create this new and very effective pHformula M.E.SO. treatment, which treats several aging problems at the same time. Problems related to, neck, décolleté, and the face with special focus on the eyes and mouth. The combination of unique acids, the M.E.S.O. Device (a very small roller of tiny needles), retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin C, Cyto-stim, THPE and peptides results in a miraculous treatment with immediate visible results. The skin restores glow, becomes firm and smooth as well as saturated with moisture.
I.N.S.T.A.N.T. Skin Resurfacing treatment / 45 min.
595 kr.
I.N.S.T.A.N.T. mask restores significant skin glow and radiance. It provides a gentle resurfacing, leaving skin smoother, brighter and softer. Draw together the pores, improve skin texture and absorbs impurities without removing the skin’s natural oils. Ferulic acid – which has a powerful antioxidant effect, will instantly revitalize skin, brighten the discolored skin and also make the skin able to repair and protect itself from attack by free radicals. Can be used on all skin types and so mild that it can be used in the summer months.
E.Y.E. og L.I.P. Resurfacing treatment / 30 min.  
395 kr.
pHformula’s S.O.F.T. resurfacing cream, used together with the M.E.S.O. Device roller, with small needles, is specially developed as an advanced anti-aging treatment, to remove the typical signs of aging around the eyes and mouth. 
Intensive course (6 treatments)
1975 kr.
N.E.C.K. Resurfacing treatment / 30 min.  
450 kr.
pHformula’s N.E.C.K. complex is composed of a unique combination of acids. The tissue on the neck and décolleté is restored by improving skin condition and remove the typical signs of aging. 

Beauty Base beauticians are trained at The Skin Academy Barcelona, which is required to performt treatments with pHformula. Visit your own pHformula specialist at Beauty Base in Copenhagen …