SAMA is organic first-class luxury perfume and skin care with exquisite flowers, treenotes, sacred plants and sustainable ingredients.

All products are manufactured in France by Sandrine Giordanengo – the world’s only Parfumeur that still apply these uncompromising, precious and gentle manufacturing processes “as enfleurage” and “Maseration”.

She picks up even the raw materials from around the world, from small certified organic suppliers or from nature, but never so much that it goes beyond the stock. She lives in harmony and with respect for nature. Our body absorbs about 60% of what we lubricate on the skin so her philosophy is that if it is on the skin, it must be so pure that it can be eaten. Real essential oils are registered through our limbic system and affect our brain to feel pleasure, relaxation and wellbeing. It is not possible with synthetic oils.

High vibration for body and soul …

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