Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique that has been practiced for centuries by women from the Middle East, among others.

Sugaring is the most natural, skin-friendly and very gentle hair removal method. When sugaring, the hair is removed with a sugar paste that is massaged into the skin by hand using a special technique.

The sugar pulp pulls the hair out in its natural growth direction, and allowing it to remove many more hairs in the previous growth phase, ie. very small hair. It reduces the amount of ingrown and broken hair, and unnecessary discomfort and irritation will be avoided. In addition to removing the hair, the pulp exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky smooth and soft.

For the best result, the hairs on the body should preferably be around 5-10mm long, however my face is 3-5m

Sugaring – pricelist 

Upper lip
   155 kr. / 95 kr.*
   145 kr. / 120 kr.*
Upper lip + chin
 95 kr. / 80 kr.*
*price if the treatment is combined with the facial treatment
Face incl. eye brow
   395 kr.
   185 kr.
 450 kr.
Semi Arm
295 kr.
Bikini or Buttocks
280 kr.
Between Buttocks
250 kr.
Buttocks + Between Buttocks
375 kr.
Lower back
200 kr.
Tanga (Californian)
395 kr.
Thigh + Brazillian / Hollywood
890 kr.
450 kr.
Thigh + Bikini
570 kr.
Thigh + Tanga
650 kr.
Thigh + Brasil / Hollywood
870 kr.
650 kr.
Calf + Bikini
780 kr.
Calf + Tanga
810 kr.
Calf + Brasil / Hollywood
970 kr.
½ Back
395 kr.
The back + Shoulders
495 kr.
370 kr.
Stomach or Chest
395 kr.
Stomach + Chest
495 kr.